Devour the Podcast hits 50th episode

Today was a special day. For most people, it was just another Wednesday  but for myself and my co-hosts of Devour the Podcast and the listeners it was the day we recorded our 50th episode.  It’s still a little surreal to me that I can say that I’ve produced fifty episodes of Devour, and with episode 52 we will be celebrating a year, but before we get to that point I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this first truly impressive milestone.


Fifty episodes equaling out to 77 hours, 55 minutes and 47 seconds, roughly 5.55 gigs of memory, and that includes the Halloween special in its audio format.

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On Podcasting: An Introduction

On May 12, 2012 my podcast Devour the Podcast released its fifteenth episode.  With the exception of two weeks, the show has been on a steady weekly schedule, dropping both here and on every Saturday at around midnight Pacific Time.

And with episode fifteen, I expressed my deep appreciation for every listener who has tuned into the show, even if only once, as each of them has helped to bring the show to where it is now.

As I prepared for that episode, I remembered a simple mantra I had given myself when I started Devour the Podcast:

If I make it to the next fifth episode, I’m doing alright.

May 12 2012 is also the day that spelled the beginning of the end of Devour the Podcast’s extremely short tenure as a member of the Horror Palace Podcasting Network.  This posting however, is not about that situation or what happened (but don’t worry, that story will come to light in time)

This posting is to announce that coming in the next few weeks, more than likely shortly before or shortly after the release of episode 17 of Devour the Podcast I will be releasing  a series of entries, or Chapters in the story that is my podcasting career.  I will be as open and honest in each of these chapters as I possibly can be, as I see no need to lie or hide any elements of my adventures, and misadventures in the world of podcasting.

I hope that my story will entertain you, dear readers, and I will offer my own tutorial on podcasting at the end of this series.

As I have said on Devour the Podcast I truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to download and listen to myself and my co-host Jamie as we share our thoughts and opinions on the horror genre, two movies at a time.

To date, Devour the Podcast has reviewed 25 films, 2 Soundtracks, and 1 Graphic Novel.