Flip the Script: A New Column

Flip the Script


Flip the Script


In my experiences as a Horror reviewer for blogs, columns and podcasts, inevitably, someone lobs a question at me that is both obnoxious and a little absurd whenever I don’t like a film:


                “Well what would you have done differently?”


This question is obnoxious because it’s not my job to come up with a way to make the movie I just watched better, I’m just critiquing it and saying whether I liked it or not.  But recently this question was tossed my way with regard to my distaste of the recent Texas Chainsaw 3D. And so I started to think about it.


What would I have done differently? So I figured I’d take a stab at it with this column entitled Flip the Script.

My rule is simple: I have to take at least one element from the film, be it a cast member or idea and make sure that it goes into my re-imagined treatment

Oh yeah, that’s the other thing, I’m not going to waste the time and effort on completely re-writing these films, I’m just going to come up with an outline of what I would have done differently.


I’m not trying to imply that my take on these films is/would be any better than what came out, it’s just what I would have done had the project been handed to me.